Aims And Objectives

Government Engineering Academy has been established for the purpose of planning, organizing and undertaking training of Engineers on their first entry into service and also for imparting In-service training to the Engineers of the Government Departments, autonomous bodies and the private sector.
Briefly, the main aims & objectives for the training courses are:

  1. To give the participants/ trainees an Islamic Orientation.
  2. To acquaint the participants / trainees with the background and history of struggle for Pakistan and its ideology.
  3. To develop sound character, professional ethics and communication skills of the participants / trainees.
  4. To develop the faculties of planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation of projects.
  5. To promote knowledge of the participants / trainees necessary for efficient operation and maintenance of engineering works and to acquaint them with the latest research in the world in different engineering disciplines.
  6. To acquaint the participants / trainees with theory and practice of Organization and Management, Finance, Budget etc.
  7. To provide participants / trainees opportunities for improving professional skills, managerial status and general self-development.