The achievement of GEA in conducting courses, the cardinal purpose of which it has been established, can be divided into two phases. Phase-I covers the period from 1984 to 1993. The period can be described as the period prior to declaration of Academy Training mandatory for the promotion of Engineers into next higher grade. During this period the Academy conducted 6 Pre-service and 20 In-service courses in which almost 800 engineers were trained. In addition, the Academy has conducted more than 50 short courses on Computers, Surveying & Estimation, Design, Operation & Maintenance of Hydraulics Structures under the sponsorship of USAID Mission to Pakistan in which more than 850 engineers were trained for all the four provinces of Pakistan.

Phase-II begins from 1993 onwards, after decision of the Government of Punjab to link the promotion of Engineers working under its jurisdiction with the successful completion of training at the Academy. Since then the Academy has run 11 Pre-service and 78-In-service training courses in which about 2500 engineers have been trained. Besides, the Academy has also been involved in arranging number of Seminars, Workshops, Symposiums etc. for various agencies / organizations both from public as well as private sector.